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What is Fire Foam? Fire Foam Properties
Fire Foam & Extinguishing Systems

Fire foam, one of the most effective extinguishing agents, is successfully used in many sectors in fire cases that threaten large-scale business investments, government institutions and private residences financially and morally. Fire foams that are produced according to the type of fire in order to be effective in different fire types and provide a full effect in the response phase.
Günlük hayatta da yangın köpüğü içeriğine sahip yangın tüplerinin ulaşılabilir yerlerde bulundurulması, yangın anında kullanım kolaylığı için son derece önemli olmaktadır.
Foam Fire Extinguisher

In automatic extinguishing systems, which work with the principle of quickly detecting and extinguishing fires in the initial phase, it is extremely useful in terms of preventing possible major damages by spreading the fire foams on the flames like a cover. Keeping fire tubes with fire foam content in accessible places in daily life is extremely important for ease of use in case of fire.
Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates
Bionline - Foam Concentrates


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Fire Fighting Foam and Chemicals


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